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"How to Deal With Depression". Seriously. This kind of stuff. Yes, yes. This guy is cute, and I guess well-intentioned guy (though I highly doubt he despises the attention he’s getting), but no, you’re not going to teach anyone how to fucking deal with depression in a 5 minutes video. It’s nice to show support, but you’re not solving anything and your words are not of wisdom. Nothing against the guy, but the title just irks me so much! "How To Deal With Depression". And, lol, at all the people praising him cause he "helped them see the light" or "saved their lives". Perhaps the light of his cute face, which yeah, doesn’t hurt, but still.

I’ll never make everyone happy, but if this title made one person click it and helped them, then maybe it’s 1% true and that’s all I should care about.

Clearly there isn’t a cure all for depression, because every soul is entirely different and unique. BUT he’s right. If one person clicked and felt as if they were helped by it, then THAT means his goal was accomplished and that’s a commendable thing.

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